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Straight Finish Nail Forming Machine

 Hydraulic straight nail forming machine
Hydraulic straight nail forming machine

Straight finish nail forming machine is designed for shaping straight nails of varied specifications from steel wires, which are fed into the nail forming equipment automatically. Generally 1 worker can control 8 machines at the same time for it is rather easy-operated. The rejection rate of the straight finish nails produced by this machinery is only about 0.4%.

Parameters of Nail Forming Machine:

• Net weight: 1200-1500kg
• Voltage: 380V
• 3 phases, 50hz, 5.5-7.5kw
• Dimension: 1.2m × 1.2m × 1.7m

Advantages of Nail Forming Machine
• Production speed of the nail making machine is faster than traditional ones, reaching 130-150 nails/min
• Given heat treatment, dies for making nail won’t get worn or deformed easily
• The equipment runs at high stability
• Easily adjusted and operated dies
• Fully automatic production line allows for less labor cost
• The pneumatic material feeding system made in Taiwan operates at high accuracy

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