Wire Rolling Mill

 Wire rolling machine
Wire rolling machine

In a nail production line, wire rolling equipment is used for rolling galvanized wires so they can be drawn and further treated in the following processes. It is equipped with alloy wheel whose strength is higher than various high-strength metal wires, even spring steel wires, and works at an accuracy of 0.001mm. The alloy wheel used for rolling metal wires is given 10 years' quality warranty.

KY wire rolling mill goes a long way to improve productivity for 3-6 mills can work simultaneously under the supervision of 1 worker. The rejection rate of metal wires processed by this wire processing equipment is roughly 0.3%.

Parameters of Wire Rolling Mill:

• Variable frequency speed regulation: 0-300m/min
• Rolling precision: 0.005-0.01mm
• Cooling: water /air-cooled
• Net weight: 480kg
• Voltage: 380V
• 3-phase, 50Hz, 2.5kw
• Dimension: 2.7m × 0.8m × 1.2m

Advantages of Wire Rolling Mill
• Made from high-strength hard alloy, the machine frame will never get worn
• The machine stops automatically for self-production when there is a broken wire
• 4-bearing retainer
• Automatic straightening device is available at front and back side of the rolling device to quickly adjust the bent wires

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