Wire Rolling & Drawing Machine

Wire rolling and drawing machine is a high-efficiency design among nail making equipment. It can process metal wires into almost any desired diameters so users don't have to invest a lot in buying raw wires of varied specifications. That makes it more suitable for medium or large scale nail manufacturers or nail plants with a wide range of product specification.

This wire processing machinery is designed to draw the galvanized wires and do rolling job according to the required width and thickness. Being structurally compact and highly automatic, roughly 3-6 machines can work simultaneously under the supervision of one people. The rejection rate of the wires processed by this equipment is only 0.3%.

• Net weight: 2500kg
• Voltage: 380V
• 3-phase, 50Hz, 35-55kw
• Dimension: 3m × 1.2m × 2m

• Rolling and drawing operations are done simultaneously
• High rolling precision
• Wires can be processed into almost any diameter
• With compact structure and few connectors, the equipment is safe and easy-operated

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