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Multi-Wire Jointing Machine

Multi-wire jointing machine is mainly applied for arranging single rolled wires in order, and jointing them together into strip with glue. It adopts the newest electromagnetic heating device for improved security and higher efficiency, saving electricity consumption by over 70%. Molds of the jointing machine have been specially treated for less use of glue.

KY wire jointing machine is distinguished for high automation and high efficiency. Generally, 1 worker can operate at 1-2 equipment at the same time. Glue consumption is roughly 1.8-2.5% of the weight of wires and the rejection rate of pneumatic nails is 0.7%.

• Net weight: 1000kg
• Voltage: 380V
• 3-phase, 50Hz, 3kw
• Dimension: 20-25m × 0.42m × 1.8m
• Speed: 0-15m/min
• Width: 50-200mm

  • Transmission part
  • Heating device
  • Unwinding unit
  • Traction part
  • Electrical control cabinet
  • Straightening device
  • Jointing and gluing part

• With electromagnetic heating system, temperature is adjusted quickly
• Low electricity consumption
• Molds are made from Cr12 steel for less possibility of deformation and longer life

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