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Nail Manufacturing Equipment

    1. Straight Finish Nail Forming Machine
      Straight finish nail forming machine is designed for shaping straight nails of varied specifications from steel wires, which are fed into the nail forming equipment automatically. Generally 1 worker can control 8 machines at the same time for it is rather easy-operated. The rejection rate of the straight finish nails produced by this machinery is only about 0.4%.
    1. Staple Forming Machine
      The staple forming equipment is appropriate for the molding and production of stainless steel staples, aluminum staples, as well as other staples. Metal wires are fed automatically into the nail molding machinery to start the production. For the highest working efficiency, 1 worker can at most control 8 machines at the same time. The rejection rate of the staples made by this machinery is only about 0.4%.
    1. Wire Rolling Mill
      In a nail production line, wire rolling equipment is used for rolling galvanized wires so they can be drawn and further treated in the following processes. It is equipped with alloy wheel whose strength is higher than various high-strength metal wires, even spring steel wires, and works at an accuracy of 0.001mm. The alloy wheel used for rolling metal wires is given 10 years' quality warranty.
    1. Wire Rolling & Drawing Machine
      Wire rolling and drawing machine is a high-efficiency design among nail making equipment. It can process metal wires into almost any desired diameters so users don't have to invest a lot in buying raw wires of varied specifications. That makes it more suitable for medium or large scale nail manufacturers or nail plants with a wide range of product specification.
    1. Multi-Wire Jointing Machine
      Multi-wire jointing machine is mainly applied for arranging single rolled wires in order, and jointing them together into strip with glue. It adopts the newest electromagnetic heating device for improved security and higher efficiency, saving electricity consumption by over 70%. Molds of the jointing machine have been specially treated for less use of glue.
    1. Nail Collator
      This equipment is used after hydraulic nail forming machine in a nail production line to align the finished nails and transfer them to the packaging unit automatically. It enables improved production efficiency and less labor cost.
    1. Nail Straightening Machine
      As an auxiliary equipment used in nail production line, straightening machine is set to help forming machine to shape nails, and do part of material transport job, which is majorly done by pneumatic material feeder. The straightening machine enables much improved working efficiency.
    1. C Ring Staple Machine
      C ring staple machine arranges C ring staple of the same specification orderly and stick them together with glue. It features compact structure, high stability, low noise, and boasts a high working efficiency of 300pcs/min. At most, each worker can control 20 staple production machines at a time.
    1. Clinch Clip Making Machine
      KY clinch clip making machine is designed to transport split iron strips to molds to accomplish the production. Being highly automatic and easy-operated, 20 machineries can work simultaneously under the supervision of one worker. This staple manufacturing equipment is particularly suitable for large-scale nail manufacturers due to the reduction on labor.