Coil Nails

KY coil nail comes with smooth shank coil nail and screw shank coil nail types. Coil nail is consisted of connectors and several single nails that arranged equidistantly. The connectors generally made from galvanized wires are placed at an angle of β with the center line of nails to string the nails together.

Being an expert Chinese pneumatic nail manufacturer with 22 years' experience, KY is specialized in providing various pneumatic nails, as well as nail making, straightening, and forming equipment.

Coil nail is widely used for softwood, hardwood, bamboo products, common plastic, furniture building and restoration, wooden box packaging, wood pallet, doors, windows, and fences, just to name a few.

Diameter: 2.1mm-3.33mm
Length: 25mm-100mm
Angle: 16°
Type: tower type (befit nail guns from HITACHI)
Surface: smooth/ring/screw
Surface treatment: anti-corrosion paint

1. Duplex nail is widely applied in house building, mobility scooter manufacturing, wooden window and door processing, and precast concrete construction.
2. Coil screw nail: used for wood working, mainly in European countries
3. Big roll coil nails: 25mm-100mm long; used for wall collated and wood working
4. Hot dip galvanized coil nails: 15 degree wire collated; length: 1-1/4" – 2-1/4"; head diameter: 3/16"; galvanizing surface treatment for application in household building
5. Electroplated galvanized coil nails: thin electroplating layer for corrosion resistance
6. Bright coil nails: high gloss surface; 15 degree angle collated with a wire weld; used for pallet building
7. Screw shank nails: also known as spiral shank; it is able to withstand large impact
8. Smooth nail: the most popular one due to its low price; widely applied in plywood

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