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Straight Finish Nails

    1. Coil Nails
      KY coil nail comes with smooth shank coil nail and screw shank coil nail types. Coil nail is consisted of connectors and several single nails that arranged equidistantly. The connectors generally made from galvanized wires are placed at an angle of β with the center line of nails to string the nails together.
    1. Brad Nails
      Brad nail is a new woodworking nails structured by sticking single nails that regularly arranged together with adhesive or other tools. Two ends of the nail are forced into books, boards, or other thin materials for blending and fastening purposes. Generally, brad nails are used with special nail guns that powered by electricity or compressed air and shoot into wood panels, plastic, or other compound materials.
    1. Pin Nails
      Pin nail features thin and headless structure, which means that no obvious marks will be left on the wood having been treated, making it particularly an ideal for luxurious decoration. Pin nail is widely used for fixing decoration goods, high-end furniture, thin aluminum plates, and thin stainless steel sheets. The fastening tool won't get corroded even in humid environment.