C Ring Staples

C ring staple (also known as hog ring staple or D ring staple) is made from hot-dipped galvanized wire. Adopting aluminum or other corrosion-resistance materials as its coating, this pneumatic stapling tool has found great popularity in erosion control industry. The sharp tips enable it to penetrate into materials easily and firmly.

KY C-ring staple is designed to be compatible with staple guns commonly seen on the market.

C ring staple is an ideal fastening tool for car seat assembly, mattress building, electrical wiring, fencing, golf netting, wheelchair building, and animal cage building, just to name a few.

Here at KY Pneumatic, you will find nail and staple products used for even the most demanding applications. If you have any special requirements, please contact KY and our R&D team will come up with a solution for you. Small orders are accepted. Besides, product packing is in line with standard export package or as customers' request.

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