V-nail is a must for putting picture frames together. It is designed with a V-shaped angle so that it is easy to be driven into the wood and connect the 2 wood pieces solidly. Our V-nails generally come in grouped together with glue and can easily be separated by a hand tool. You can apply this frame joining tool to any types of wood frame no matter how much its hardness is, as we have tested it with various woods commonly used for frame making.

KY V-nail is compatible with staple guns commonly seen on the market. Tell us your gun model and what you want to staple, KY will choose or design the most appropriate staple for you.

KY Pneumatic is a Chinese pneumatic nail manufacturer with 22 years' experience. Here, you will find nail products applied for the most demanding industries. Please feel free to contact us if you have any special needs, and KY will come up a solution for you. Besides, products in KY are packed according to standard export package or as customers' request.

Technical Parameters
Inch mm
3/16" 5
9/32" 7
5/16" 8
3/8" 10
1/2" 12
5/8" 15
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