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Corrugated Fasteners

Corrugated fastener is a thin strip of sheet metal with a pattern of alternating grooves. The grooved shape gives the fastener a high level of strength and enables it to be driven into wood firmly.

Corrugated fastener is an ideal substitute for nails, screws, and pins when it comes to joining woods. It is also widely used in door frame fastening, wood fixing, and wood spoiled by nails or staples.

KY corrugated fastener is suitable for staple guns commonly seen on the market. Tell us your gun model and where you want to apply, KY will choose or design the most appropriate fastener for you.

With 22 years' experience, KY Pneumatic is professional in providing users with practical and affordable fastening solutions. Please feel free to contact us if you have any special needs. Small orders are accepted. Besides, products in KY are packed according to standard export package or as customers' request.

Different Corrugated Fasteners Available in KY Pneumatic

  • 2 corrugated fastener
  • Corrugated fasteners 2G
  • Corrugated fasteners 3G
  • Corrugated fasteners 4G
  • Corrugated fasteners 5G
  • C20N corrugated fastener
  • C20 corrugated fastener
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