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Specialty Staples

    1. C Ring Staples
      C ring staple (also known as hog ring staple or D ring staple) is made from hot-dipped galvanized wire. Adopting aluminum or other corrosion-resistance materials as its coating, this pneumatic stapling tool has found great popularity in erosion control industry. The sharp tips enable it to penetrate into materials easily and firmly.
    1. V-Nails
      V-nail is a must for putting picture frames together. It is designed with a V-shaped angle so that it is easy to be driven into the wood and connect the 2 wood pieces solidly. Our V-nails generally come in grouped together with glue and can easily be separated by a hand tool. You can apply this frame joining tool to any types of wood frame no matter how much its hardness is, as we have tested it with various woods commonly used for frame making.
    1. Corrugated Fasteners
      Corrugated fastener is a thin strip of sheet metal with a pattern of alternating grooves. The grooved shape gives the fastener a high level of strength and enables it to be driven into wood firmly. Corrugated fastener is an ideal substitute for nails, screws, and pins when it comes to joining woods. It is also widely used in door frame fastening, wood fixing, and wood spoiled by nails or staples.